The day for your big RV trip is just around the corner and it’s time to start getting react of work and heading out dy for the road. Check the tires and brakes, check all the fluids, flush and fill the portable water, make sure all the appliances work, give the RV a good wash and cleaning so it’s ready to roll, pack and set the alarm to get up very early to get on the highway before morning traffic. Navigating city streets to get to the freeway adds even more to the “things to do” list.

A road trip is exciting but getting it ready is a lot of work and heading out not completely rested and stressed is no way to start a vacation. Sometime, especially if you store your RV in the driveway or on a pad in the back yard, you can’t even do all the preparations at home. If you have neighborhood restrictions about what you can and can’t do. You’ll have to drive somewhere else to get ready.

Mars Mega Storage has some useful tips for getting your RV trip started stress free, early and easy. One of the first things to consider is where to store your RV. One of the features to getting on the road early is location. Imagine driving out the gate and right on to the freeway, headed for your destination.

Imagine, also, not having to take several trips through town to get your RV ready for the trip. Mars Mega Storage in Paso Robles is a top of the line RV storage facility with several amenities that help make heading out on that long awaited vacation easy and stress free.

Along with spacious indoor or outdoor covered storage units, easy in and out access, and state of the art security, Mars Mega Storage amenities include:

  • A wash area equipped with cleaning supplies
  • Dump station
  • Air compressor
  • Bathrooms and showers
  • Complimentary refreshments
  • A luxury RV resort right next door

Mars Mega Storage is located at 191 Wellsona Road, about four miles from Highway 101, a major freeway connecting to adventures near and far.  A short 10 minute drive south connects you to Highway 46 East headed inland, a few minutes more connects you to Highway 46 East to the coast. Head north on Highway 101 to San Antonio Lake or through the San Francisco Bay Area into Oregon, or East into Nevada.

The benefits you gain from RV storage at Mars Mega Storage include:

  • Reducing the time needed for pre-trip checkups and maintenance.
  • Wash your RV right on the spot and load up.
  • A high-security facility with an onsite manager means that furnishings and gear you might normally remove at the end of the trip can be left onboard, reducing the amount of preparation time.
  • The 24/7 securely coded access to your RV at Mars Mega Storage and a short drive to Highway 101 means you can get on the road at any hour so you don’t miss any adventures.
  • Online bill pay means you can travel worry-free and not worry about forgetting to pay the storage rent.

Contact Mars Mega Storage today to check out the Paso Robles RV storage facilities and to reserve your unit.


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