Few things are more frustrating than finally getting everything packed into the storage unit then realizing that something you need is somewhere in there.

Facing totally unpacking the unit to find those boxes is not a task anyone looks forwards to and Mars Mega Storage in Paso Robles has some tips to make finding things a little easier.

A common site at storage facility is watching people rummage through a unit, hauling furniture and boxes outside and standing and starting at the pile. Usually, the answer to “Are you moving out?” is “No. Just trying to find the boxes with some stuff I need.”

Everyone’s need for renting storage differs, but one cannon need is to be able to find what you need when you need it. Not being able to find things is not only time consuming and aggravating, those items can be expensive to replace. If there is any secret to finding stuff in storage, it’s getting organized before starting to pack.


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