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Whether storing your boat or RV for months during the off-season or between trips, following some simple tips for preparing the vehicle for storage is going to save time when you are ready to head out for the next adventure. The management at Mars Mega Storage, the Paso Robles storage company, has prepared a checklist to help you prepare your RV or boat for storage so you are able to get on the road with the least amount of last-minute surprises and delays.

One of the secrets to getting on the road as quickly as possible is to thoroughly clean the RV or the boat, inside and out, before parking it in storage.

For boats this includes thoroughly cleaning, draining and drying your boat according to the procedures from the California Department of Fish and Game. Mars Mega Storage is a full-service and highly secure storage facility that includes a complimentary wash area with cleaning supplies, a dump station and an air compressor for its RV and boat storage clients. These amenities make it easy to prepare your vehicle for storage right on the property.

Following this checklist from the Paso Robles boat storage facility will help make sure your boat or RV is clean and ready for the next trip:

  • Dump the septic system and make sure the system is clean and dry.
  • Empty water storage tanks.
  • Inspect propane tanks and connections and make repairs if necessary.
  • Wash and dry the exterior of the vehicle and clean the boat to remove all traces of quagga mussels.
  • Clean the interior by removing all dust and dirt that has accumulated. Some people even vacuum upholstery.
  • Make sure all cooking and eating utensils are clean and ready for the next use.
  • Clean out the refrigerator and wipe and dry the inside. Leaving items or not thoroughly drying the refrigerator creates mold and mildew.
  • Remove all perishable and packaged food, although some choose to leave canned items on the vehicle, just be aware of any expiration dates.
  • Wash all bedding and other linens.
  • Take care of any repairs or servicing. If you are choosing not to make repairs or take care of servicing before storage, make a not to schedule these tasks in plenty of time to eliminate last-minute rushes when vacation time rolls around.
  • Make a list of what has been done and what else needs to be done before hitting the road again.
  • Store your vehicle for the season and look forward to your next trip!

Mars Mega Storage accommodates all of our guest’s storage needs in one location. The facility is located within easy freeway access and provides well-maintained, safe and extremely secure storage options for self-storage, RV and boat storage a few miles north of Paso Robles.

The facility provides both indoor and covered storage, and in addition to the onsite wash and dump station, amenities include complimentary snacks, a conference room and restrooms with showers. Security includes an on-site manager, 17-foot steel perimeter walls, 24/7 coded gate access, infrared cameras, laser security, extensive security lighting, fully paved easy in and out access to storage units that meet every storage need.

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