Paso Robles Mars Mega Storage benefits for getting your RV on the road

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RV storage Paso Robles

The day for your big RV trip is just around the corner and it’s time to start getting ready for the road. Check the tires and brakes, check all the fluids, flush and fill the potable water, make sure all the appliances work, give the RV a good wash and cleaning so it’s ready to roll, pack, and set the alarm to get up very early to get on the highway before morning traffic. Navigating city streets to get to the freeway adds even more to the “things to do” list.

A road trip is exciting but getting ready is a lot of work and heading out not completely rested and stressed is no way to start a vacation. Sometimes, especially if you store your RV in the driveway or on a pad in the back yard, you can’t even do all of the preparations at home. If you have neighborhood restrictions about what you can and can’t do, you’ll have to drive somewhere else to get ready. You may have to make several different…

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Paso Robles Storage Company Releases the Report ‘How to Find Your Stuff in Storage’

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Paso Robles storage

-Few things are more frustrating than finally getting everything packed into the storage unit then realizing that something you need is somewhere in there.

Facing totally unpacking the unit to find those boxes is not a task anyone looks forward to and Mars Mega Storage in Paso Robles has some tips to make finding things a little easier.

A common site at storage facilities is watching people rummage through a unit, hauling furniture and boxes outside and standing and staring at the pile. Usually, the answer to “Are you moving out?” is “No. Just trying to find the boxes with some stuff I need.”

Everyone’s need for renting storage differs, but one common need is to be able to find what you need when you need it. Not being able to find things is not only time consuming and aggravating, those items can be expensive to replace. If there is any secret to finding stuff in storage, it’s getting organized before starting to pack.

As you are packing, remembering these few tips can help you keep track…

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Top benefits of business and commercial storage

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commercial storage Paso Robles

-Mars Mega Storage, outlines the benefits for business and commercial storage in the Paso Robles area. Self-storage units have many more uses than just places to keep personal property during a move.


Self-storage units give owners of small businesses extra storage for inventory while keeping operating expenses within the budget.

Retail businesses can take advantage of price breaks for quantity purchases that limited on-site storage might not be able to support. Home manufacturing businesses can store product in a self-storage unit, making more room for production at home.

With the correct arrangement, packaging and some shipping preparations might even be done from the storage unit.

Other benefits include the fact that commercially operated storage units are weatherproof, highly secure, and protected against rodent and insect invasions. The variety of sizes means there is a size for every need. The units are easily accessible. Shelves and cabinets can be added so that inventory, and other items can be quickly located.


Storage units remove the need to limit the purchase of supplies. It can more cost-effective to order frequently used…

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Paso Robles Storage Company Announces ‘The Best Description of Secure Storage’

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storage Paso Robles

-What does it actually mean when a storage facility says it provides top level security, or state-of-the-art security? Mark Marsden, co-owner of the Paso Robles Mars Mega Storage said, “There are a number factors that, when combined, contribute to a truly secure storage facility,”

Four of the top security features include:

  • Individual private secure code entry
  • Sophisticated surveillance and alarm system
  • Lighting, including high-visibility nighttime exterior lighting
  • Secure fencing with automatic gates
  • Individually locked units

Other features that, when appropriately applied, factor into strong security include:

  • On site staff
  • Security policies and practices
  • Security system monitoring
  • Well built storage units and ease of entry and exit

Thinking in terms of security needs to go beyond preventing theft and vandalism and include smoke and fire detection and elements that help prevent damage to personal property. The elements that help protect property include well built storage units that don’t leak and minimize or eliminate potential damage from rodents and insects, paved driveways that are wide enough for large vehicles pulling trailers to back-up, turn around, park and pass…

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How to safely stack items in a self storage unit

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self storage Paso Robles

Visiting your self storage unit dressed in ice hockey gear isn’t necessary if you take the time to stack and store items properly. Mars Mega Storage, providing self storage in Paso Robles, has some tips that will help keep your possessions from crashing down around you every time you open the door.

The first tip is to plan ahead. Life happens and sometimes people have to move out on short notice and just need to get their possessions into storage and sort through everything later. But, when you can, get rid of as much that you don’t want or need before moving. The less you have to pack, move and store the less stressful things will be. Plus, you probably won’t need as much storage space as you would otherwise and saving money is a good thing.

Following these three tips are going to make your self-storage experience much less hectic, and actually safer for you to visit your unit as needed.

  • Heavy items on the bottom
  • Use shelving when possible
  • Store fragile items in…
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Things to not keep in your storage unit

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self storage Paso Robles

Paso Robles self-storage company, Mars Mega Storage, offers storage units for just about everything from personal items, furniture to boats and RVs. There are some items, however, that are not meant to be stored.

The list of items includes perishable items, hazardous materials, explosives, and flammable materials.

Perishable items, especially food, attract rodents, insects and mold; all of which can damage not only your possessions but also the property of others in adjoining units. Food items can be disposed of in the curbside trash at home.

Hazardous, explosives and flammable materials include:

  • Oil and grease
  • Paint
  • Household or industrial cleaners
  • Fertilizer, potting and garden soil
  • Gasoline or propane
  • Asbestos and other caustic chemicals
  • Biological waste

Properly disposing of hazardous materials

There are a number of ways to safely dispose of materials that can’t be kept in storage. Things like paint, garden soil and fertilizer, gasoline and propane, household cleaners and even food, can be given away to someone who can use it.

Quite a few substances, such as oil and grease, including vehicle fluids and cooking oils can be…

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Benefits of secure boat storage in Paso Robles

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boat storage Paso Robles

There is much more to Paso Robles, CA than world-famous wine. The region has been a  resort and relaxation destination since the hot springs were discovered by the region’s original inhabitants. The Paso Robles area has nearly year-round activities for the outdoor lifestyles of golfers, hikers, equestrians, cyclists and fishing, and boating enthusiasts. The easy access to at least four lakes and the Pacific Ocean, plus secure boat storage right in Paso Robles at Mars Mega Storage make the area perfect for boating and fishing. 

Nearby lakes include Lake Nacimiento, San Antonio Lake and Santa Margarita Lake. Lopez Lake in south San Luis Obispo County and the Pacific Ocean are just short scenic drives from Paso Robles.  What better way to enjoy access to a boating location than from a centrally located storage? Paso Robles is roughly equal distance to any of these lakes and the ocean. In addition to the close and scenic drives to any of these boating destinations, Mars Mega Storage provides many other…Read More

Paso Robles Storage Company Releases The Top Reasons For Renting Storage

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Paso Robles storage

–Moving is always a good reason to rent a storage unit, but there are other reasons, too. Paso Robles storage provider, Mars Mega Storage, has just released a report about the top reasons for using storage.

It turns out that moving isn’t the main reason that people rent storage. According to the report, “Self-Storage Innovations, Statistics, and Changes in 2017,” 65-percent of Americans who rent storage have a garage and 33-percent have basements.

The top reasons, besides moving, for renting storage are:

  • Downsizing doesn’t always mean getting rid of things. Storage units provide a secure place to store treasured items that are crowding the home, but need to remain in the family. Heirlooms and collectibles, important files such as tax records can all be safely stored, and easily accessed when needed.
  • Remodeling can be one of the most disruptive events to family life. Stumbling around furniture crowded into one room and a home in various stages of demolition and construction make for short tempers and unsettled routines. Temporarily storing furniture, seasonal clothing, extra linens,…
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Paso Robles RV Storage Company Reports The Top Reasons For Using Professional RV Storage

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RV Storage Paso Robles

–Keeping the RV in the driveway or backyard might save a monthly storage fee and having the vehicle nearby for weekend trips is certainly convenient. “But, there are other things to consider when someone has invested thousands into their home away from home,” said Mark Madsen, owner of the Paso Robles RV storage company, Mars Mega Storage.

There is no denying the convenience of just walking into the driveway, packing up and pulling out on that long-awaited road trip just as the sun is rising. For those who spend several weeks a year traveling, camping, fishing and enjoying their RV there is something to be said about the convenience of storing it in the backyard or driveway between trips. There are also some things to be said about the risks and inconveniences of keeping your RV at home.

Some of the top risks at home include:

  • Space: If the garage isn’t big enough the RV needs to be in the driveway, the backyard or even the street if allowed. You might need to put in…
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