Mars Mega Storage outlines the benefits for business and commercial storage in the Paso Robles area. Self-storage units have many more uses than just places to keep personal property during a move.


Self-storage units give owners of small businesses extra storage for inventory while keeping operating expenses within the budget.

Retail businesses can take advantage of price breaks for quantity purchases that limited on-site storage might not be able to support. Home manufacturing businesses can store products in a self-storage unit, making more room for production at home.

With the correct arrangement, packaging and some shipping preparations might even be done from the storage unit.

Other benefits include the fact that commercially operated storage units are weatherproof, highly secure, and protected against rodent and insect invasions. The variety of sizes means there is a size for every need. The units are easily accessible. Shelves and cabinets can be added so that inventory and other items can be quickly located.


Storage units remove the need to limit the purchase of supplies. It can more cost-effective to order frequently used supplies at quantity price breaks. It’s also a more efficient use of time when a business operator doesn’t have to take the time away from getting the job done, or the family to shop for supplies.

A storage unit can be roomy enough so that the supplies can be organized and stored in an easy-to-find manner, saving more time. Safely storing boxes and other containers also reduces the risk of damage from crowded storage spaces.

Tools and equipment

Some businesses need certain tools and equipment that are only used for specific jobs and sit idle the rest of the time. Storing these items between uses creates more space. The security of a storage unit keeps valuable tools and equipment safe from damage, even theft.

A self-storage unit is also a safe place to store unused but usable equipment and office furniture while deciding the best way to dispose of them. The old copier that still works, but isn’t as efficient as the new one or old furniture that someone else might find good use for, will all be out of the way in storage until they find their new homes.

Mobile mechanics, construction workers, mobile pet groomers and other business owners who have expensive tools and equipment in their vehicles don’t have to worry about theft when the vehicle is parked in the driveway overnight.

Tax records and other business archives

Even the smallest storage unit can accommodate years of business records.

  • The IRS can audit tax returns for three years, but many accountants recommend keeping tax records and receipts for longer.
  • California businesses must keep employee records for three years.

Even though there are limits on the amount of time some business records need to be retained, there are certain circumstances, or materials, that are retained longer for their historical value. A storage unit is a safe and secure space to keep any kind of business documents.


A storage unit is useful for an organized move when a business is relocating. Rather than moving stacks of boxes to the new location, then spending days trying to conduct business while sorting and unpacking boxes, create a moving plan that includes a storage unit. The following steps help return to business as usual as quickly as possible after a move.

  • Label boxes according to the importance of the contents and where the contents will be placed at the new location.
  • Store the boxes in a storage unit in an organized fashion, using the “first in last out” concept. This means storing what will be needed first in the front of the unit, and boxes with less critical contents and those that are staying in storage in the back.
  • Move essential furnishings and equipment directly from the old to the new location. Set up everything and get all the computers, phones, and other equipment working.
  • Begin retrieving and unpacking boxes a few at a time.

Work with the experts

For all storage needs, including commercial and business, rely on Paso Robles’ Mars Mega Storage.

State-of-the-art security that includes infrared cameras and laser beams, 17’ steel perimeter walls, 24/7 coded gate access, fire hydrants, fire and burglar alarms and extensive security lighting and on-site manager.

Amenities include online bill pay, a conference room, complimentary snacks, bathrooms and showers, wash area, dump station, air compressor

Full service that includes RV and boat storage, storage units ranging in size from 5×5 feet all the way up to 80-foot drive-through units. The facility is fully paved, units are angled for easy in and easy out, and include 110v electric outlets, automatic roll-up doors and insulated units.

Call today to reserve your storage unit and check out the storage calculator to know how much space you’ll need.



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