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Paso Robles self-storage company, Mars Mega Storage, offers storage units for just about everything from personal items, furniture to boats and RVs. There are some items, however, that are not meant to be stored.

The list of items includes perishable items, hazardous materials, explosives, and flammable materials.

Perishable items, especially food, attract rodents, insects, and mold; all of which can damage not only your possessions but also the property of others in adjoining units. Food items can be disposed of in the curbside trash at home.

Hazardous, explosives and flammable materials include:

  • Oil and grease
  • Paint
  • Household or industrial cleaners
  • Fertilizer, potting, and garden soil
  • Gasoline or propane
  • Asbestos and other caustic chemicals
  • Biological waste

Properly disposing of hazardous materials

There are a number of ways to safely dispose of materials that can’t be kept in storage. Things like paint, garden soil and fertilizer, gasoline and propane, household cleaners, and even food, can be given away to someone who can use it.

Quite a few substances, such as oil and grease, including vehicle fluids and cooking oils can be taken to certified auto oil recycling centers or your local household hazardous waste facility.

Some hazardous materials, like asbestos, biological waste, flammable materials, and explosives require special handling. These materials cannot be disposed of in the trash or the landfill, poured down drains, or dumped.

  • Asbestos must be handled and removed by trained and accredited asbestos professionals.
  • Biological waste includes sharps and needles, and anything else that might contain bodily fluids and infection. Most pharmacies will accept sharps and needles for disposal. Most people are not going to bundle up old medical dressings and put them in storage, but if you have these kinds of materials because of an illness in the family, contact your medical professional for the best disposal method.
  • Explosives: Contact your local police or fire department to dispose of explosive materials.

The San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Management Authority is an excellent resource for information about recycling and disposing of a wide variety of materials.

Planning ahead

The best thing to do is to plan ahead and begin recycling and appropriately disposing of materials that can’t be stored beforehand.

If you are in doubt about storing something in your storage unit, ask. The staff at Mars Mega Storage is more than happy to help you.

Mars Mega Storage is designed to accommodate all of our guests’ storage needs in one location. Whether your needs are for covered, open-air, or self-storage, we have the Paso Robles secure and well-maintained storage solution. Amenities include 24/7 access, online bill pay, bathrooms and showers, a conference room, complimentary refreshments, a fully supplied vehicle and boat wash area, and a boat and RV dump station. Call today to reserve your storage space.


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