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California’s Central Coast mild climate means boating isn’t necessarily restricted by weather. Unlike other regions of the country, snow and ice don’t mean long months of never taking your boat out for some fun, although there are times when storms or other circumstances temporarily prevent boating. The ability to spend more time on the water means it’s even more important to pay attention to important preparations before storing your boat. The Paso Robles boat storage facility, Mars Mega Storage, has some tips to help boat owners keep their boats in good shape while in storage.


Along with the manufacturer’s maintenance specifications properly preparing your boat for storage is also important:


  • Making sure your boat is clean and dry prevents damage from mold, stains, and possible insect and rodent invasion
  • The more preparation you do before storing the boat, the less you have to do before the next trip

Routine cleaning is one of the most consistent acts for keeping your boat in good shape. No one wants to spend a weekend of fishing and boating cleaning, but wiping up food and other spills as soon as possible, a quick sweep or hosing off the deck and disposing of trash at the end of the day reduces clean up chores at the end of the day.


  • Clean the cabin even when storing your boat for a short time between trips. Wipe down all food preparation surfaces. Remove all fresh and packaged food to prevent mold and critter invasion. Empty the refrigerator, give it a quick wipe down and leave the door open a little for air circulation. Make sure the shower and toilet are dry. It might be okay to leave canned goods and tightly sealed toiletries on the boat short-term between trips. For longer storage times, everything should be removed.
  • Be sure sails, lines, cushions and other fibrous materials are dry before stowing them in storage. Mold and mildew begin growing within 24 hours of exposure to moisture. Some boat owners prefer to remove cushions and mattresses and store them separately.
  • If you cover the boat, make sure everything is dry first.
  • Some people like to wax their boat a couple of times a year before storing it.

California Division of Boating and Waterways requires that boat owners “clean, drain and dry” their boats to help prevent spreading the invasive quagga and zebra mussels.


The amenities at Mars Mega Storage makes “clean, drain and dry” and other boat maintenance tasks much easier. Boat storage customers at the Paso Robles facility have full access to dump stations and wash areas, which include professional power washers, wash racks, soft water, air compressors, vacuums and a full supply of buckets, brushes and cleaning supplies. Take a break from cleaning and have a complimentary snack in the conference room. There are even bathrooms and showers where you can freshen up before heading home.


The fully paved facility provides easy in and out to boat storage units ranging in length from 25 feet to 60 feet for indoor storage and 30 feet to 50 feet for covered storage.


Security includes an on-site manager, 17 feet high steel perimeter walls, 24/7 coded gate access, infrared cameras and laser beams, extensive security lighting, high visibility lighting, fire hydrants on site and fire and burglar alarms in each unit.


Located with easy access from Highway 101 at 101 Wellsona Road, Paso Robles, there is also a luxury RV resort right next door. RV storage is another storage specialty at Mars Mega Storage.



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