How to safely stack items in a self storage unit

Visiting your self storage unit dressed in ice hockey gear isn’t necessary if you take the time to stack and store items properly. Mars Mega Storage, providing self storage in Paso Robles, has some tips that will help keep your possessions from crashing down around you every time you open the door.

The first tip is to plan ahead. Life happens and sometimes people have to move out on short notice and just need to get their possessions into storage and sort through everything later. But, when you can, get rid of as much that you don’t want or need before moving. The less you have to pack, move and store the less stressful things will be. Plus, you probably won’t need as much storage space as you would otherwise and saving money is a good thing.

Following these three tips are going to make your self-storage experience much less hectic, and actually safer for you to visit your unit as needed.

  • Heavy items on the bottom
  • Use shelving when possible
  • Store fragile items in a dedicated location
  • Use the right packing materials

Heavy items on the bottom

There are few things more annoying than finding crushed boxes, the contents damaged or broken because something heavy was stored on top of them.

Plan on moving the heaviest items, such as furniture, kitchen and laundry appliances, boxes of books or heavy tools into the storage unit first and store and stack items starting at the back of the unit, moving forward.

  • Small boxes can be stored in dresser drawers (just be sure to put a sign on the outside of the drawers!).
  • Medium and light weight boxes can be stored on top of most furniture with caution. Boxes that are too heavy can cause damage.
  • Disassembling furniture, such as tables, can also create more storage space.
  • If you store boxes on, around, or under furniture, follow the heaviest to lightest rule and protect the furniture with heavy moving pads or blankets.
  • Don’t stack too high.

Use shelving when possible

Shelves can contribute to safe and organized storage, providing you don’t exceed the weight allowances for the shelves. The right heavy-duty shelves can make storing easier and protect your possessions.

Storing heavier boxes on the lower shelves help stabilize the shelf unit. Ask about anchoring the shelf unit to a wall. You may be responsible for paying for repairs to the walls when you move out.

Store fragile items in a safe location

Pack fragile items in sturdy boxes with a lot of packing material and store them in a dedicated location. Avoid stacking boxes containing fragile items. Wrap mirrors and art work before putting them in the appropriate sized boxes.

Dedicating an area for fragile items near the front of your unit and off to one side.

Make sure each box is clearly marked as “Fragile”on all sides and the top. Mark boxes with mirrors and art as “Fragile -Art” or “Fragile-Mirrors.”

Use the right packing materials

Grocery store boxes are not always the best choice for storing items. Sturdy boxes and lots of packing material are a must in order to protect the contents. For the best protection use boxes that are designed for storing and stacking. There are even boxes that are designed for special storage uses such as for storing china and glassware, and wardrobe boxes for storing clothes. Even mirrors and mattresses get their own special boxes!

Packing material like peanuts, bubble wrap and packing paper cushion the contents and fill in empty spaces between items. When items are not packed tightly, they tend to shift, might break, or even unbalance the box causing it to fall off what it is store on top of, tear or be dropped while it’s being carried.

  • Packing tape seals the boxes and helps keep out dust.
  • Furniture coverings help protect against scratches or damaged upholstery.

Pack boxes lightly. Use smaller boxes for heavy items like books and tools, and don’t forget the packing material to fill in the empty spaces.

Ask the Mars Mega Storage management

Discuss your moving and storage situation with the management at Mars Mega Storage. They can help you determine the right size self storage unit at the Paso Robles facility. Mars Mega Storage can also meet any other storage need you have for your boat, RV, or vintage vehicle.

Mars Mega Storage is a full-service storage facility with totally enclosed indoor storage, self-storage, and covered storage, including RV and boat storage. All of the storage units are easy to access and there are sizes for every need.

Paso Robles self storage amenities include: 24/7 access, online bill pay, bathrooms and showers, conference room, complimentary refreshments, fully supplied wash area and dump station.

Call today to reserve your space and get answers for all of your storage questions.