Feeling overwhelmed by clutter? Wishing for more space to store your belongings securely? It’s frustrating to feel like you’re running out of room at home or work. The simple truth is you shouldn’t have to feel cramped or stressed in those spaces. Luckily, Mars Mega Storage is here for you.

Our storage facility in Atascadero, CA, has provided our clients with reliable storage solutions since 2005. Through our secure facility, they’ve been able to store valuable items like household belongings and business inventory more with peace of mind. Now, you can do too.

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Wide Range of Units to Choose From

At our storage unit facility, we offer many options to fit your unique needs. These include: 

  • Self-Storage Units
  • Commercial Storage
  • RV Storage 
  • Boat Storage

For each of these, you can choose from various sizes, from mini units of 5ft x 5ft to an indoor storage unit of up to 60 ft long. As you can see, you’ll surely find a solution that fits your needs with us.

Climate-Controlled Units that Protect Your Items

All our storage units in Atascadero, CA, are insulated to ensure the safety of your items. No matter the weather outside, your items will remain protected in just the way you’ve always wanted.

Advanced Security Features for Peace of Mind

When it comes to security, we don’t compromise. Our storage unit facility has state-of-the-art security features, including 17-ft steel perimeter walls, personal gate codes, security alarms, fire alarms, and high-tech cameras. 

Without a doubt, you can rest easy knowing your items are at our units.

Simple Steps for a Stress-Free Storage

Overcome your storage problems with Mars Mega Storage by following these steps:

Step 1

First, contact us to discuss your storage needs.

Step 2

Then, with the help of our team, select the storage unit size that best suits your requirements.

Step 3

Finally, start relaxing once you leave your items at our storage unit facility. 

powered storage unit facility at night

Choose Wisely, Choose Mars Mega Storage

Don’t let storage stress weigh you down any longer. With Mars Mega Storage, you can kiss clutter goodbye and reclaim your space with ease in Atascadero, CA. 

Choosing us means choosing a trusted partner who will keep your possessions secure. So why wait? Start your clutter-free journey with Mars Mega Storage today.